White Cane Awareness - It’s called the white cane - transcript

Voice over: White Cane Awareness

Woman: I would like the public to know that the correct terminology for the cane, rather than just calling it a stick or a pole. It’s called the white cane.

Whenever they see someone traveling with the white cane that it's okay to come up and offer them help, but to not just assume that they need help just because you see them with the white cane. That's a symbol that someone is blind or visually impaired but that doesn't necessarily mean that we need help. The white cane helps me get around because it allows me to know where I'm going, to identify objects in front of me, to know when there's gonna be drop-offs or stairs.

It just helps me find ways around that I wouldn't normally be able to do without the cane.

The freedom the white cane gives me it allows me to travel independently, to navigate in unfamiliar areas, it allows me to not have to ask somebody for assistance all the time. Just stuff that i wouldn't normally be able to do by myself without it, it allows me to do.

Voice Over: This video starts with a full screen of a young woman on a video call. As she speaks the video cuts to her using her cane and making her way around campus in her wheelchair. The video cuts back to her speaking.

White Cane Awareness

Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services