Children’s Hearing Aid Program

A hand of an adult reaching down taking the hand of a child

The Oklahoma School for the Deaf is currently administering a children’s hearing aid program for school age children in Oklahoma. This program is specifically for children who have no other means to obtain a hearing aid. The program will provide two hearing aids per qualifying child. Application should be made through the Oklahoma School for the Deaf Telecommunication Program. Along with an application, parents will be required to provide proof of family income and a signed statement that their child is unable to obtain hearing aids through Medicaid or private insurance.

After approval, children will be evaluated by the audiologist from the Oklahoma School for the Deaf. Evaluations will be done either at the school campus in Sulphur, or in Tulsa at TSHA. Based on the audiologist’s evaluation and recommendation, the child’s hearing aids will be ordered through the Oklahoma School for the Deaf.

Children's Hearing Aid Program

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