School for the Deaf superintendent passed away at 69

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SULPHUR, Okla. – Sulphur educator, community leader, friend and family man Larry Hawkins passed away unexpectedly on Saturday, February 23, after a brief illness.

Hawkins is the only person ever appointed to a second term as superintendent of Oklahoma School for the Deaf, which dates back to its origin in 1898.

A beloved teacher and friend who was well-respected in the deaf community, he initially retired in August 2011 as superintendent at both OSD in Sulphur and Oklahoma School for the Blind in Muskogee.

Feb 7 Self Advocate Leadership Training cancelled due to winter weather

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The Oklahoma Self Advocacy Network trainers were forced to cancel their training today, Feb. 7, at DRS State Office due to icy weather. We apologize for any inconvenience. Participants who were registered on that date may contact Cathy Martin at 405-951-3478 or to reschedule for trainings on Feb. 16 or Feb. 20.

Oklahoma Self-Advocate Leadership Training I with OKSAN trainers

This free, introductory training will help participants with disabilities develop effective self-advocacy and leadership skills.

Go back in time with us with this classic press release - meet Heather Horton and Donald Denham


This media release was originally released on Apr. 21, 2014. DRS has been empowering Oklahomans for 25 years.


Love is Blind for Bartlesville Sweethearts Introduced at Training Program for Blind Adults


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OKLAHOMA CITY — Heather Horton was looking forward to Adult Blind Living Evaluation training in Muskogee. She wanted to learn new skills to help her cope with vision loss. Donald Denham was reluctant. Maybe he would get over being bashful − or maybe his driver would have to pick him up early. They never expected to fall to in love – with each other − at a summer training program for blind people. “My kids thought it was hilarious. [They said] Mom is going to ‘blind camp!’” Heather explained, her bright blue eyes sparkling as Donald sat smiling by her side. “I wanted ABLE to improve my attitude as far as having more hope. I didn’t want to stay home and not participate in life anymore.” Adult Blind Living Evaluation – ABLE - is an in-depth evaluation program with one week of basic training for legally blind adults. They may attend one of four summer sessions led by seven experts and 10 support staff from Visual Services, a division of the Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services (DRS). To control costs, Visual Services uses dorm rooms and training facilities at DRS’ Oklahoma School for the Blind, which are temporarily vacant while students are home for the summer.